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UPDATE:  2022-10-13



- Korean Air

- Cathay Pacific Cargo

- Nordwind Airlines (NEW!)

- Hi Fly

- State of Kuwait

- Ukraine Government (NEW!)

- Nigerian Air Force (NEW!)

- Windrose Airlines

- ULS Cargo

- MNG Cargo

- DHL Cargo

- Etihad Cargo (NEW!)

- Danish Air Transport

- UPS 

Uhrzeit (MEZ)

D-ABAS Boeing 737-800

D-ABBS Boeing 737-700

D-ABBT Boeing 737-700

D-ABBV Boeing 737-700

D-ABBW Boeing 737-700

D-ABBX Boeing 737-800

D-ABBY Boeing 737-808

D-ABBZ Boeing 737-800

D-ABCB Airbus A321

D-ABCC Airbus A321

D-ABCF Airbus A321

D-ABCG Airbus A321

D-ABCH Airbus A321-200

D-ABCK Airbus A319

D-ABDB Airbus A320 basic "OLT Express Poland" + AB titles

D-ABDR Airbus A320

D-ABDS Airbus A320-200

D-ABDX Airbus A320-200

D-ABFA Airbus A320

D-ABFB Airbus A320

D-ABFE Airbus A320-200

D-ABFG Airbus A320-200

D-ABFO Airbus A320

D-ABFU Airbus A320-200

D-ABFT Airbus A320-200

D-ABGH Airbus A319

D-ABGK Airbus A319

D-ABGN Airbus A319

D-ABGP Airbus A319

D-ABGQ Airbus A319

D-ABGR Airbus A319

D-ABGS Airbus A319

D-ABDB Airbus A320

D-ABKA Boeing 737-800

D-ABKB Boeing 737-800

D-ABKD Boeing 737-800

D-ABKI Boeing 737-86J

D-ABKO Boeing 737-800

D-ABKS Boeing 737-86J

D-ABKT Boeing 737-86J

D-ABKU Boeing 737-800

D-ABLA Boeing 737-700

D-ABLB Boeing 737-700

D-ABLC Boeing 737-700

D-ABLD Boeing 737-700

D-ABLE Boeing 737-700

D-ABLF Boeing 737-700

D-ABMC "Flying Home for Christmas-Santa Claus Tour 2011"

D-ABNA Airbus A320

D-ABQB DeHavilland DHC-8-402Q

D-ABQC DeHavilland DHC-8-402Q

D-ABQD DeHavilland DHC-8-402Q

D-ABQE DeHavilland Dash Q402Q

D-ABQG DeHavilland Dash Q402Q

D-ABQJ DeHavilland Dash Q402Q

D-ABXA Airbus A330-200

D-AERK Airbus A330-300

D-AERQ Airbus A330-200

Air Berlin ( Germania )

D-AGEC Boeing 737

D-AGEL Boeing 737

D-AGEN Boeing 737-700

D-AGEP Boeing 737-700

D-AGES Boeing 737-700

D-AGEU Boeing 737-700

D-AHIO Airbus A319

D-AHXA Boeing 737-700

D-AHXB Boeing 737-700

D-AHXC Boeing 737-700

D-AHXH Boeing 737-700

D-AHXJ Boeing 737-700

D-ALPA Airbus A330-200

D-ALPB Airbus A330-200

D-ALPE Airbus A330-200

D-ALPF Airbus A330

D-ALPJ Airbus A330-200

D-ALSA Airbus A321

D-ALSB Airbus A321

D-ALSC Airbus A321

D-ALTF Airbus A320

D-ALTH Airbus A320 with " operated by LTU " stickers

D-ALTL Airbus A320

Airbus A320 D-ALTK

HB-IOW Airbus A320-214

HB-IOX Airbus A319-112